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Max.ads – 5 Useful Information About Sms/Email Marketing

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Max.ads – 5 Useful Information About Sms/Email Marketing

Max.ads – 5 Useful Information About Sms/Email Marketing

With the development of the current 4.0 era, social networking sites as well as digital marketing activities exploding, businesses have many ways to promote their brands. For small and medium businesses, Max.ads' SMS/EMAIL Marketing advertising service is the perfect choice as it brings high efficiency at preferential costs.

1.What is SMS and email marketing?

SMS marketing is a marketing activity through sending sms (messages) to phone users. From there, achieve the goals of advertising, introducing products, thanking and appreciating customers.

Email marketing is a form of approaching and promoting products/services to customers by email with the goal of introducing new products and increasing sales efficiency.


Max.ads - Multi-channel advertising service

2.Features of SMS Marketing


Max.ads SMS marketing and email marketing

High accessibility: One of the strongest advantages of SMS Marketing is high accessibility. 98% of recipients will check their phone when a text message arrives. Of those, 95% opened and read immediately.

Wide coverage: SMS Marketing is chosen by many units because of its wide coverage to all audiences regardless of male or female, how old they are, what phone they use. As long as you have a phone, you will receive information. No wifi connection required, no Internet required.

Reliable: Most important messages such as bank account notifications, balance fluctuations, order confirmations, bill payments. Many services today have also implemented 2-layer security, sending codes via sms. Or during a pandemic, all the fastest notifications come from sms.

From there, create a habit for users, when they see a message, they will at least look to see what the notification is about and not ignore it.

The content of the message is short and intimate: The essence of the message is For short communication, when advertising via SMS, you need to have appropriate content. Enough to convey advertising messages and convey complete content but not too long. This helps users quickly understand and grasp your program without spending too much time.

3.Characteristics of Email Marketing

Convey rich messages: Email Marketing allows users to convey long messages to recipients. In addition, the content sent can become more diverse and attractive thanks to features such as inserting images, inserting files, templates, etc. Especially, when you use an email sending tool, these steps become simple.

Easier than measuring effectiveness thanks to statistical indicators: When using Email Marketing, you can easily organize and track all data from simple information such as email open recipients and open time to rate. Click on the links, number of responses... Thanks to the above data, you can quickly grasp the needs and accurately determine the tastes of customers. From there, you can adjust your marketing activities accordingly.

Professional appearance: Email Marketing is formal. This is probably both a disadvantage and an advantage of Email Marketing. In addition, email advertising allows you to write long content with a clear message and attach links to increase traffic. Customer access to company products.

Automatic and cost-effective: The advantage of this form is that your message will reach customers with just one click. When compared to direct marketing, the great advantage of Email Marketing is cost savings. If you have a new commercial promotion idea for your business, you can use Email to notify all customers instead of waiting a long time to prepare and having to invest a huge amount of money compared to other customers. with other forms of Marketing.

A traditional marketing campaign can cost a business a lot of printing budget. But with Email Marketing, a well-thought-out message reaches customers only at the expense of a direct marketing campaign.

4.Should you use sms marketing or email marketing?


Max.ads advertising service

After knowing the characteristics of the above two forms, the question for businesses now is "Should we use SMS Marketing or Email Marketing?" to bring the highest efficiency. Below are some reviews to help you consider which form to use:

Read rate: this is considered the biggest advantage of SMS Marketing when compared to Email Marketing. According to statistics from network operators, users will read news 10 minutes after sending a message but only check email 2-3 times per day.

CTA click rate: Email Marketing has the advantage of eye-catching templates and many CTA buttons to help increase the CTA click rate.

Response time: certainly the response time to a message is also faster than the response time to a message.

Email Communication efficiency: with its speed and simplicity, the communication efficiency of SMS will be higher than email.

Cost of use: This is considered an advantage of email marketing compared to SMS messages. The cost of running an email campaign is much lower than the cost of a Translate SMS campaign.

Customizability: with a variety of providers and many 3rd party tools, email becomes a highly customizable form of marketing.

You can customize content, templates, integration... without being constrained by characters like SMS messages. SMS Marketing or Email Marketing both have their own strengths and weaknesses.

  • If you need to create relationships and communicate complex information, you should use Email Marketing

  • If you need to reach customers quickly and remind them to request action, you should use SMS Marketing.
Instead of just using one of the above two forms, why don't you scientifically combine these two forms to minimize their shortcomings.

5.Combine sms/email marketing effectively with Max.ads

As with any method, both Email and SMS marketing have their own strengths. When you combine them, the strengths of the duo balance out for a well-rounded marketing effort. For a favorable combination, we - Max.ads specialize in running Email/Sms marketing ads for many fields that will support you and bring your business benefits such as:

Cost-effective: When you combine both SMS and email marketing, the message will reach customers more clearly. Previously, outreach via sms was still done daily but the message was still vague. When you combine both SMS and email marketing, it still costs the same as the original but the efficiency increases many times.

Use SMS to Boost Email Marketing Campaign Performance: Combining SMS and email marketing means you can use customer data from one channel to drive the success of another. For example, you can use text messages to notify customers that the goods are on the list of promotions that the business has sent details via email. From there, increase email traffic.

More effective reach and segmentation: Using multiple marketing channels to promote the same message can also give you broader reach. Using both channels, you can track open rates and engagement. This data will allow you to segment users so they receive marketing messages through their preferred channel. This helps improve audience satisfaction with the brand's marketing activities. At the same time, it reduces the chance of you being marked as spam or unsubscribed.

When you combine feedback and analytics between SMS and email marketing, you get a broader picture of your subscribers. This is the database to customize a more suitable approach to customers.

Enhance customer experience: With today's digital consumer, which channel is best suited for each customer experience? You need to always be ready for any similar questions. SMS has a unique place, often alongside email, in the overall marketing strategy. Besides working well together, the duo is part of a comprehensive, multi-channel program that increases campaign effectiveness.

Contact https://maxads.me immediately to get advice as quickly as possible!

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